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NEWBuild the lovable T1 Samba CamperDiscover nowarrow-right-white
NEWBuild the Lamborghini Countach LP 500SDiscover nowarrow-right-white
NEWBuild the iconic HMS VictoryDiscover nowarrow-right-white
NEWBuild the Majestic VasaDiscover nowarrow-right-white
NEWBuild your own 17th century warshipDiscover nowarrow-right-white
NEWBuild your own scale model of the Soleil RoyalDiscover nowarrow-right-white
NEWBuild the magnificient San FelipeDiscover nowarrow-right-white
NEWBuild the legendary HMS BountyDiscover nowarrow-right-white
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We’d like to inform you that in order to improve our products and your experience, we’ve consolidated our iconic scale models under the De Agostini brand. From now on, simply click the button below to access all your assembly guides.

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