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Build the Legendary HMS Bounty Admiralty model

Start for only £4.99

About the HMS Bounty

This 1:48 scale model, made entirely of wood, offers you the chance to build a naval model by faithfully following centuries-old construction techniques. 

The Admiralty model style dates from the 17th century. At the time, naval shipyards would not use drawings and the design of a new ship would be assigned to skilled artisans. In England, specific committees, who worked under the Admiralty, would scrutinise a model before giving the go-ahead for the building of the actual ship. The assessment of all its features was of paramount importance, so these ‘Admiralty models’ as they became known, would reproduce every aspect of the ship including its internal architecture. These models were made by craftsmen whose expertise was acquired over many years and handed down from father to son.     

Designed from the construction plans, your Admiralty style model of the Bounty will allow you to understand the structure of the actual ship and to build a model that faithfully replicates the techniques of old.

Take a sneak peek

Specifications of your model

  • checked-greenDesigned from original drawings
  • checked-greenAllows you to assemble the model following centuries-old building techniques
  • checked-greenThis model is open from both sides, up to the first deck, so you can admire: the keel, the frames, the mast feet, the beams and the internal planking.
  • checked-greenThe ship's wheel, cannons, galley, bell and many other details faithfully replicate the original vessel's components.
  • checked-greenThe construction site schematically reproduces the original construction technique in the shipyard. This has a technical and structural function: on the base there are the necessary indications for the positioning of the keel and of the frames that will make up the frame of the hull.

Specifications of your model

24 cm72 cm
17 cm
72 cm
24 cm

Everything you need to assemble your model

Step-by-step assembly guide

Accurate instructions accompany you step by step, explaining each stage, while detailed photographs clearly demonstrate any modelling techniques you will require.   


Each component of the sailboat is pre-shaped with laser cut on solid wood boards. The thickness of the wooden parts are in scale to perfectly replicate the art of admiralty style modeling

Customer Portal: everything you need at your fingertips!

In your customer portal you will be able to check details of all the shipments you've received, as well as any shipments that are already on their way to you. Also, you can find all the assembly guides and video tutorials you need to help you to assemble the model. Everything you need - at your fingertips!

Special subscription gifts

Glasses with magnifying glass

FREE with your 2nd shipment

Interchangeable lenses Gradation 1,5x - 2,5x - 3,5x.

Tool set

FREE with your 12th shipment

This amazing toolset contains all you need to build your build up models: hammer, drill with tip, balsa cutter, nippers, pliers, air file, smoother.

How it works

Receive your first package with 8 model parts.
Sit back, relax and receive your monthly shipments with model parts straight to your door.
Complete your scale model with new model parts plus exclusive gifts, each and every month. Enjoy the journey!
What will you receive?

First shipment

First shipment

Free shipping

Get the first 8 stages of your model
Special price£79.99£4.99

The first pack of your order will be delivered to you FREE of charge within approximately 5 working days from the date your order has been confirmed. If you don’t like your first pack, you can return within 14 working days of receiving the first delivery from us with any seals and shrink-wrap intact. 

Help with your build?

Your subscription in detail

In your first delivery you will receive:

First 8 assembly stages at £4.99



In the following deliveries you will receive:

Other assembly stages at £79.99


S&H £5 per shipment

Cancel Anytime
Special Gifts
Free step-by-step guides
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