Build the incredible International Space Station

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Build the incredible International Space Station

Start building for £1.95arrow-right-white


What will you receive?

Get started today for only £1.95 and receive the first 2 assembly stages and magazines + free shipping 


What will you receive?

Get started today for only £1.95 and receive the first 2 assembly stages and magazines + free shipping 

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An outstanding human achievement that opened the door to the mysteries of space!

On November 20th, 1998, a Proton rocket took off from the Baïkonour cosmodrome and carried the first module of the International Space Station into space. Humankind was setting off on the biggest adventure since setting foot on the Moon.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of the ISS, celebrate the largest structure ever built by humans in space, and build your own 1:120 scale replica of this outstanding space station.

Specifications of your model

  • checked-green1:120 scale
  • checked-greenThis model is a faithful reproduction of the original International Space Station even down to the smallest detail.
  • checked-greenHigh quality materials
  • checked-greenMade from die cast metal and ABS plastic
  • checked-greenWith adjustable solar panels
  • checked-greenArticulated Canadarm
  • checked-greenOriginal model

Specifications of your model


Immerse yourself in the International Space Station

Scientific Experiments and International Collaboration

The ISS is an immense scientific laboratory for performing experiments under conditions which cannot exist on Earth, such as weightlessness. Here you will find out how the ISS enables teams of scientists conduct experiments in space that could not be carried out on Earth.

The ISS: A Human and Technological Adventure

Not only will you discover all about the construction of the ISS, you’ll also find out about the men and women who made history. Their determination to bypass conflicts between nations, and the vision of some heads of state to go beyond geopolitical boundaries, were essential to the success of the operation.

Spacecraft and the Conquest of Space

Before the ISS was built, humankind had to tame space in order to launch the first unmanned satellites. These were followed by the first men in space, then by the missions to the Moon. All this was only possible thanks to the development of more and more powerful rockets, and of space shuttles which returned to Earth and could be used again. Read all about the history of space exploration and all the spacecraft that contributed to it.

Discovering the Universe

How far can one travel in the Universe? Does the night sky change through the ages? How are stars born and how do they die? In learning about the ISS and the conquest of space, you will find out more about the Universe as a whole. This section will introduce you to astrophysics and will explain all manner of astronomical phenomena!

Step-by-Step Assembly

With each issue, you will receive parts which will enable you to build a 1:120 scale model of the ISS. A magnificent model with a high-quality finish, it is easy to assemble thanks to the clear explanations and step-by-step illustrations which will guide you through each stage.

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Extra FREE gifts for PayPal subscribers!International Space Station pins

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Premium offer
Premium offer

Sign up for our Premium Offer and display your International Space Station on this unique premium base, with exciting light effects that will make it appear as if the ISS is actually in space. Dimensions: 58 cm (23 in). Receive the parts of the base and assemble them at the same time as your International Space Station. For an extra £1 per assembly stage from package 3 onwards. 

* The base will be delivered to you throughout the duration of your subscription and is comprised of 15 parts. In the event of this item being out of stock, or due to any incident beyond the control of the publisher, it will be replaced by another of equal or greater value.

High quality binders
High quality binders

This collection also includes high quality binders that help you store and manage your magazines! Each binder can hold up to 20 magazines. The first binder will be delivered for free in package 2! Thereafter binders will be delivered with packages 5, 9, 12, 15 and 19 at a price of £7.99 each.

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03.Enjoy this incredible journey!Immerse yourself in the world of the International Space Station and be amazed at humanity’s greatest achievement in space.
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