Build the classic car and a replica of its fascinating 10A rotary engine

Build your own amazing 1:8 scale model replica of the Mazda Cosmo Sport. First built in Japan in 1967, it was the first production car in the world with a mass-produced rotary engine.

The Series I/L10A Cosmo was powered by a 0810 two-rotor engine that produced about 110 hp. Mazda unveiled the prototype at the 1964 Tokyo Motor Show, one month before the 1964 Summer Olympics. The name ‘Cosmo’ reflected the world’s fascination with the Space Race, and the rotary engine, developed by NSU in Germany, was showcased as the technology of the future. In 1968, to prove the reliability of the rotary engine, Mazda entered the Cosmo into one of the most gruelling tests in Europe – the 24-hour marathon at the famous German Nürburgring circuit. 

The model used to make this replica is the Mazda Cosmo Sport L10B, which was hugely popular and sold in large numbers until 1972. The replica has working LED lights and sound effects. Proportions and details have been faithfully reproduced in this 1:8 scale model of a truly ground-breaking vehicle.

Specifications of your model

  • checked-greenThis model is in a 1:8 scale of the original vehicle.
  • checked-greenThe 1:2 scale model rotary engine is a perfect replica of the original 10A engine.
  • checked-greenThe spark plugs light up with LED lights.
  • checked-greenBy turning the handle on the back, the rotor will turn inside the stator. You will be able to see it rotate through the transparent front cover.
  • checked-greenThe two spark plugs light up alternately, just like in the real vehicle.
  • checked-greenThe oil level indicator that measures how much oil there is in the engine is another detail that has been reproduced in the model. The indicator can be removed.
  • checked-greenThe model faithfully reproduces the plaque on a real engine from that period.
  • checked-greenThe product images shown are for illustration purposes only. For circumstances outside of our control, the actual product may vary slightly from the images shown on this page.

Specifications of your model

145 mm520 mm
Scale 1:8
52 cm
20 cm
14 cm

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Please note: this build-up model comes with assembly instructions in PDF format that you can download at the bottom of this page. The packages you will receive will not contain magazines.

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