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Discover the magic of the Moomins!

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What will you receive?

First Package

Your first monthly package includes:

First Package

Your first monthly package includes:


Assembly stage 1 + Moomintroll Figure
Special price£9.99£0.99

Assembly stage 2 + Snufkin Figure with Snufkin’s tent
Special price£9.99£4.99

Take a sneak peek

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Subscribe now and receive these additional free gifts as part of your Moomin House building experience!


The Thingumy and Bob figurines will be delivered in your 4th package and the Kitchenware items will be delivered in your 6th package.

Create and Decorate your Moominhouse

Build a charming model of the beloved Moominhouse - tall and round like a lighthouse with a steep roof and lots of rooms to explore! This is the home of the Moomins, some of the best-known storybook characters in the world. Their house is brought to life in this easy-to-build model which will enable you to recreate the magical home of the Moomin family, created by the artist and writer Tove Jansson.

Building the house is a great activity for all the family. Creating and decorating the Moominhouse will stimulate children’s imaginations and encourage them to find out more about the marvellous Moomin books.

Many adorable characters are waiting for you with furniture and accessories and all the parts to build the house. You will get step-by-step instructions plus hints and tips for assembling the Moominhouse, plus stories from the magical world of the Moomins. The delightful figures are based closely on the famous illustrations in the books. 

Product Details

  • checked-greenThe legendary home of the lovable Moomin family reproduced down to the smallest detail.
  • checked-greenHigh-quality elements made of natural materials.
  • checked-green8 adorable figures of the main characters from the world of the Moomins.
  • checked-greenRealistic home furnishings – including furniture, decorations and accessories from the imagination of Tove Jansson. Everything is just like in the books, comics and TV series!
  • checked-greenRemovable roof and walls allow you to enjoy both the inside and the outside of the Moominhouse from all angles.
  • checked-greenThe product images shown are for illustration purposes only. For circumstances outside of our control, the actual product may vary slightly from the images shown on this page.

Product Details


Inspiring Content

Step-by-step Assembly Guide

In each issue, you’ll find all the parts you need and step-by-step instructions to create this detailed and charming reproduction of the Moominhouse. Suitable for newcomers to the world of model building.

Residents of Moominvalley

Explore the wonderful world of the Moomins. Meet the inhabitants of Moominvalley, and discover the fascinating events and stories in their lives. Take a look at the many versions of the Moomin stories, from comicbooks to cartoon films.

Tales from Moominvalley

Relive some of the most famous adventures of Moomintroll and his family, from the timeless stories by Tove Jansson. Illustrated with pictures from the original books and comics. 

Extra gift for PayPal paymentMoominhouse Produce
Extra gift for PayPal paymentMoominhouse Produce

Pay with Paypal and get this charming selection of produce for the food-loving Moomins. The produce is kept in the pull-out cellar of your Moominhouse. In package 14.

Free Subscription Gifts

Thingumy & Bob

Exclusive new gifts! Get 2 of the cutest characters from the Moomins now as part of your subscription.

In package 4.

Moominhouse Kitchenware

Fill the kitchen of the Moominhouse with all the appliances and utensils to prepare some delicious meals.

In package 6.

Moominhouse Food

A selection of replica food, just like the food that the Moomins enjoy in the kitchen.

Plus stickers

Stickers featuring the Moomins and their friends, and, of course, the Moominhouse.

In package 9.

Moominhouse Comfort and Tidying

All the Moomins enjoy spring cleaning. Get a selection of accessories including a broom and dustpan, a basket of dusters and a perfume bottle.

In package 11.

Moominhouse Hobbies and Free Time

Get binoculars, a boat and a parasol, plus other items to decorate the Moominhouse, including framed pictures and a vase of flowers.

In package 13.

In the event of any gift being out of stock, or due to any circumstance beyond the control of the publisher, it will be replaced by another of equal or greater value.

Premium OfferBy upgrading to the Premium Offer, you will also receive additional figures and accessories to complete your collection.
Premium OfferBy upgrading to the Premium Offer, you will also receive additional figures and accessories to complete your collection.
  • Mr Hemulen and Mymble 
  • Fillyjonk and the Hattifatteners 
  • Too-Ticky and the Bridge 
  • Snork and the Well 
  • Mailbox and The Groke
  • Stinky and the Mat

Delivered throughout your subscription.

How it works

Receive your first package with 2 assembly stages.
Sit back, relax and receive your monthly packages with up to 5 assembly stages straight to your door.
Complete your scale model with new assembly guides plus exclusive gifts, each and every month. Enjoy the journey!

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Your subscription in detail

Packages and prices

In your first package you will receive:


Assembly stage 1 for £0.99

Assembly stage 2 for £4.99





In your second package you will receive:

Assembly stage 3 for £9.99

Assembly stage 4 for £9.99



From your package 3 to your package 11 you will receive:

4 assembly stages for £9.99 each.

After that you will receive packages with:

5 assembly stages for £9.99 each.


With the Premium offer, you will get these great gifts for only £1.00 extra per issue, starting from the 5th issue:


  • Mr Hemulen and Mymble 
  • Fillyjonk and the Hattifatteners 
  • Too-Ticky and the Bridge 
  • Snork and the Well 
  • Mailbox and The Groke


Issue by issue
    Issues plan coming soon

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