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Collect these exquisite energy stones

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Get these exclusive gifts if you subscribe before December 31st, 2021

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Ruby: a symbol of love, energy and success, overcomes loss and encourages creativity. In shipment 10. 

Sapphire: symbolizing wisdom and good fortune, protects against negative energies. In shipment 14.

Discover the Power of the Stones and all their properties

The spectacular vibrational energy of stones and crystals has been used through the ages as a powerful tool to balance our emotions and thoughts. In this exclusive collection of exceptional stones, each one has been highly polished to preserve its essence and energy. Each is unique, and has a setting so you can wear it as a pendant. When it is in contact with your skin, you will feel its full potential.
Each stone is 100% natural, and has been selected for its particular quality which makes it unique and special. These stones, depending on their properties, can influence health and well-being, prosperity and good luck, love and self-esteem, or offer protection, for ourselves and the people we love. 
Learn how to make the most of your collection, using them to suit the occasion and your mood. This collection includes a comprehensive magazine created by holistic specialists and experts that will connect your stones to your daily life.

Sample stones from this stunning collection

Stones specifications

  • checked-greenEach stone is 100% natural, and has been selected for its exceptional quality.
  • checked-greenHighly polished into a pebble shape to preserve each stone’s energy and amplify its properties.
  • checked-greenLearn how to harness the potential of your stones and use their power in your daily life.
  • checked-greenChoose a stone to suit the occasion and your mood, and wear it as a pendant on your sterling silver chain.
  • checked-greenEach stone is unique and comes with its own certificate of authenticity.

Stones specifications

Inspiring content

History, Magic and Legends

Discover the origins of your stones and the uses they have been given as therapeutic tools throughout history, plus a wealth of anecdotes and fascinating facts.

The Properties of your Stones

Everything you need to know about your stones, both scientifically and holistically: from their chemical composition and hardness to their energetic qualities and the chakras with which they are linked.

Uses and Rituals for Everyday Life

Harness the energy of your stones in this practical section with detailed examples of how to apply their qualities in your daily life.

Energy and the Chakras

Each of the seven chakras, the vital centres of the human being, has one or more minerals associated with it. Discover how your stones affect the balance of your auric field, learn about their energetic properties and how to take advantage of them.

Special subscription gifts

Power of the Stones jewellery box

FREE with your 22nd delivery.

An elegant jewellery box for your stones, made of white lacquered wood with three compartments lined with grey velvet. Your pendants will be visible thanks to the transparent lid, you will be able to choose them for every occasion and organize them at your convenience.

The jewellery box is delivered with silver stickers with the names of the stones in the collection. Stones not included.

Measurements: 31 x 21 x 10.6 cm approx. 

Shungite Pyramid

FREE with your 13th delivery.

This lustrous black stone is more than 98% carbon, and is believed to protect against electromagnetic radiation produced by televisions, computers, routers and other appliances.

Measures: 5 x 5 cm approx.

Agate Stone 

FREE with your 5th delivery.

Called “the stone of happiness”, this lovely piece helps to calm you down and to make you sleep better when you place it under your pillow.

Being a natural agate, stone colour may vary compared to the image shown.

Measurements: 6 x 3 cm approx.


White Quartz Geode

FREE with your 7th delivery.

lace the stones of the collection inside this geode to clean them and recharge their energies in the easiest way.

Measures: 8 x 6 cm approx.

Silver chain

FREE with your 10th delivery.

With this beautiful silver chain you can go out with a different stone to suit your needs on every occasion.

Chain material: 925 sterling silver.

The pendant is not included.

Birthstones calendar

FREE with your 2nd delivery.

Discover month by month the stones of the zodiac. 

Measures: 30.5 x 30.5 cm.

Issue 3 for free

FREE with your 1st delivery.

Issue 3: the Lapis Lazuli + magazine.

Upgrade to the Premium Offer

Premium OfferCollect seven of the most beautiful energy stones to balance and strengthen each of the seven chakras
Premium OfferCollect seven of the most beautiful energy stones to balance and strengthen each of the seven chakras

For just £0.65 extra per issue, you can collect these seven exquisite stones that have been mined and carefully polished for you. Their flat rolled shape and their size make them ideal to place in the palm of your hand and comfortable to use in rituals and meditations, so their energy flows harmoniously. Each stone is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 
Keep your stones in this beautiful wooden case that symbolizes the tree of life.

  • Garnet (shipment 6)
  • Rock crystal quartz (shipment 9)
  • Aquamarine (shipment 12)
  • Haematoid quartz (shipment 15)
  • Citrine (shipment 18)
  • Amethyst (shipment 20)
  • Emerald (shipment 22)

Case measures: 21 x 21 cm approx. Diameter of stones: 3 cm approx.
As these are natural stones, the colour of individual pieces may vary from the images shown.
For just £0.65 extra per issue (starting from issue 4).

How it works

Receive your first package with 2 stones and 2 magazines.
Sit back, relax and receive your monthly shipments with 4 stones + 4 magazines straight to your door.
Complete your collection with new stones and exclusive gifts each and every month. Enjoy the journey!
What will you receive?

First Package

Your first shipment includes:

First Package

Your first shipment includes:

Free shipping

Amethyst + magazine
Special price£4.99£0.99

Emerald + magazine

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In your first shipment you’ll receive:


Issue 1 for £0.99

Issue 2 for £4.99 


In the second shipment you’ll receive:


Issue 3 for FREE

Issue 4 for £4.99

Issue 5 for £4.99 

Issue 6 for £4.99 

In the third shipment you’ll receive:


Issue 7 for £4.99

Issue 8 for £4.99 

Issue 9 for £4.99 

Issue 10 for £4.99 

Then you’ll receive shipments with:


Four issues for £4.99 each.


The shipping price from issue 4 onwards is £1.00 per issue.


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