Discover the magic of the Moomins!

Discover the Power of the Stones and all their properties

The spectacular vibrational energy of stones and crystals has been used through the ages as a powerful tool to balance our emotions and thoughts. In this exclusive collection of exceptional stones, each one has been highly polished to preserve its essence and energy. Each is unique, and has a setting so you can wear it as a pendant. When it is in contact with your skin, you will feel its full potential.
Each stone is 100% natural, and has been selected for its particular quality which makes it unique and special. These stones, depending on their properties, can influence health and well-being, prosperity and good luck, love and self-esteem, or offer protection, for ourselves and the people we love. 
Learn how to make the most of your collection, using them to suit the occasion and your mood. This collection includes a comprehensive magazine created by holistic specialists and experts that will connect your stones to your daily life.

Sample stones from this stunning collection

Stones specifications

  • checked-greenEach stone is 100% natural, and has been selected for its exceptional quality.
  • checked-greenHighly polished into a pebble shape to preserve each stone’s energy and amplify its properties.
  • checked-greenLearn how to harness the potential of your stones and use their power in your daily life.
  • checked-greenChoose a stone to suit the occasion and your mood, and wear it as a pendant on your sterling silver chain.
  • checked-greenEach stone is unique and comes with its own certificate of authenticity.
  • checked-greenThe product images shown are for illustration purposes only. For circumstances outside of our control, the actual product may vary slightly from the images shown on this page.

Stones specifications