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Disney’s Magical Audio Stories to read and listen to!

 Get started now for just £0.99!

Let the magic begin! Read, listen and play. Collect the most beautiful tales of all time!

It’s the perfect combination! A beautifully designed collection of hardcover books featuring your favourite Disney & Pixar characters, accompanied by their fantastic figures. But that's not all. There's a bit more magic – just place the figure on the speaker and you'll hear your book's story read aloud!

Reading a story with beautiful illustrations –and at the same time listening to the story– is a great way to spend time with your child, and reading and listening to the books of this collection is also a stimulating experience children can enjoy by themselves. In this way, your child develops important reading skills. It is a multi-sensory experience that develops your child's imagination, creativity and language development.

Snow White and Aladdin, Nemo, Simba and Mowgli are just some of the wonderful characters in this exciting collection of audiobooks that will enchant young and old alike. These are classic stories that take us back to the world of our childhood and teach us fundamental values: Nemo's optimism, Aladdin's courage, Snow White's good heart, the value of friendship and the beauty of nature.

Reading and listening to these audiobooks will give parents the opportunity to introduce these stories to their children while providing them with the tools to face the great adventure of life!

Samples from this amazing collection

Product Details

  • checked-greenClassic Disney tales and favourite characters
  • checked-greenInteractive collectible figures
  • checked-greenA library of fully illustrated hardback books
  • checked-greenThe exciting recorded narration tells the whole story to your child!
  • checked-greenEducates and develops your child's imagination
  • checked-greenMemory card and charger are included
  • checked-greenDurable and portable speaker that reads the stories aloud when the corresponding figure is placed on top
  • checked-greenThe product images shown are for illustration purposes only. For circumstances outside of our control, the actual product may vary slightly from the images shown on this page.

Product Details


Inspiring content

Interactive Figures

Each book has an interactive collectible figure that depicts the main character in the story. Simply place the figure on the special speaker stand to hear the story read aloud, while you follow the words of the story. Collect all the figures and have fun playing with them!

An exclusive series with educational benefits

Recent studies have confirmed how important storytelling is for a child's development. Reading and listening to these tales promotes creativity and contributes to the development of the child's personality. Reading illustrated books will cultivate your child's imagination and of course enrich their vocabulary.

Disney’s Magic

Each tale tells the story of a classic Disney film, with beautiful illustrations that will transport you to fantastical lands – the magical kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen, the underwater kingdom of the Little Mermaid, Alice's Wonderland, Peter Pan's Neverland and the world of the superheroes of the Incredibles!

Create your Library

With each issue you will gradually build up a library of exquisite hardback stories, passing on to your child the love of books and reading that will last a lifetime!

Special Subscription Gifts

Carrying Case

Take your speaker and your favourite Disney characters everywhere with this beautiful and practical carrying case. Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 10 cm.


In package 15.

The Lion King Pillow

Sleeping is fun when you cuddle up with Simba and King Mufasa on this comfy pillow. Dimensions: 36 x 28 cm.


In package 8.

Aladdin’s magic cup

When you fill it with a hot drink, you will see the magic Genie appear on the cup as it warms up!


In package 6.

Two jigsaw puzzles: Snow White and the Jungle Book

Two jigsaw puzzles with classic scenes from these beloved tales, each with 12 large pieces for little hands. Size of each jigsaw puzzle: 25 x 18 cm.


In package 3.

In the event of any gift being out of stock, or due to any circumstance beyond the control of the publisher, it will be replaced by another of equal or greater value.

Extra gift for PayPal paymentNemo Backpack
Extra gift for PayPal paymentNemo Backpack

Enjoy this spectacular and exclusive backpack. Only when you pay with Paypal.

In package 12.

How it works

Subscribe now and receive your first package with 2 audiobooks and 2 figures, your speaker and your SD card to play the stories in 10 to 12 business days.
Sit back, relax and receive your monthly packages with your audiobooks and figures straight to your door.
Complete your collection with new figures and exclusive gifts each and every month. Enjoy the journey!
Premium OfferComplete your collection with 6 additional exclusive Disney figures!
Premium OfferComplete your collection with 6 additional exclusive Disney figures!

With our premium offer you can complete your collection with these favourite characters:

  • Doc and Bashful from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Jaq and Gus from Cinderella
  • Aladdin and Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
  • Wendy, John and Michael Darling from Peter Pan
  • Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King
  • Lumiere and Cogsworth from The Beauty and the Beast

For only £0.50 extra per issue (starting from your third package)

Items will supplied throughout your subscription. These figures play stories already included in the collection.

What will you receive?

First Package

Your first monthly package includes:

First Package

Your first monthly package includes:

The Lion King
Special price£9.99£0.99

The Jungle Book + speaker + memory card
Special price£9.99£9.99

Take a sneak peek

Cancel AnytimeCancel Anytime
Special GiftsSpecial Gifts
Officially LicensedOfficially Licensed
Secure PaymentSecure Payment

Your subscription in detail

Packages and prices

In your first package you’ll receive:


  • Issue 1 for £0.99
  • Issue 2 for £9.99 



In the second package you’ll receive:

  • Issue 3 for FREE 
  • Issue 4 for £9.99
  • Issue 5 for £9.99
  • Issue 6 for £9.99


In your third, fourth and fifth package you’ll receive:

  • Four issues at £9.99 each.

Thereafter your packages will contain:


  • Six issues at £9.99 each.


The shipping price from issue 4 onwards is £1.00 per issue.

Issue by issue

Discover what's in your collection

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