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The tanks that ruled the battlefield

Collect the military vehicles that made history during the Second World War in 1:72 scale. From the legendary tanks and their technical specifications to the weaponry they carried, discover all there is to know about these amazing military machines in our fully-illustrated magazines packed full of information on these vehicles and the roles they played in WWII.

Sample tanks from this stunning collection


  • checked-green1:72 scale replicas made in die-cast metal and injection-moulded plastic for superb reproduction.
  • checked-greenDetails faithful to the original vehicles and high-quality finishes.
  • checked-greenRigorously researched historical military accessories and badges.
  • checked-greenDetails include mobile turret and gun and faithfully detailed caterpillar tracks.
  • checked-greenIncludes case and display stand with information identifying each tank, specifications of the model and the theatre in which it fought.
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Inspiring content

WWII Tanks

Discover everything there is to know about the most impressive tanks and military vehicles in history: their technical features, their armaments, their decoration and camouflage, together with detailed information on the battles they fought in. Illustrated with accurate artworks and historic images. 

Tanks in action

During WWII the Axis countries and the Allied powers produced some of the most advanced tanks that fought on all fronts of the war. Discover the battle history of the tank units throughout WWII in this magazine section, written and approved by expert historians.

Tank history and development

This expertly researched section focusses on the different ways the tanks and military vehicles were used in combat and on the battlefield. Learn all about how and why they were created, the battles and operations they took part in, the tactics they employed and their preparation and training.

Free subscription gifts

FAMO (Sd. Kfz.9) 1943 + Sd. Ah. 116

FREE with package 12.

This FAMO half-track artillery vehicle towed heavy guns and recovered damaged tanks. 
The Sd. Ah. 116 was a 4-axle lowboy strong enough to carry heavy tanks.

Steyr RSO 0/1 + 75mm Pak 40 anti-aircraft gun

FREE with package 8.

This artillery tractor was developed for the difficult ground conditions on the Eastern Front and pulled heavy weaponry. The Pak 40 was one of the most effective anti-tank guns the German Wehrmacht had at its disposal.

88mm Flak 37

FREE with package 3.

Originally developed as an anti-aircraft gun, this mighty weapon worked equally well for targets on the ground.

Jeep Willys MB

FREE with package 1.

The Willys MB is one of the standout vehicles deployed in WWII and instantly recognisable to many as the iconic light utility vehicle used by the American military in combat.

In the event of any gift being out of stock, or due to any circumstance beyond the control of the publisher, it will be replaced by another of equal or greater value.

Extra FREE gift for PayPal subscribersOpel Blitz 3.6-36S (kfz 305) + 20mm Flak 38
Extra FREE gift for PayPal subscribersOpel Blitz 3.6-36S (kfz 305) + 20mm Flak 38

The Flak 38 was a 20mm anti-aircraft gun used by various German forces during World War II.

FREE with package 14.

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First Package

Your first package includes:

First Package

Your first package includes:


Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger II Ausf. B (Sd.Kfz. 182) Porsche turret sch.Pz.Abt.503 + magazine
Special price£14.99£2.99

Jeep Willis MB

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