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De Agostini is your discovery partner into a world of hobbies and interests. We create innovative collectible and build-up model series with engaging narratives on the most fascinating subjects.


We bring you the best products & experiences straight to your door


Explore our exclusive universe of collectibles from classic cars and motosports to movies and video games.

Scale models

Enjoy the experience of building step by step our exclusive scale models curated by our experts and designed with an exceptional standard of accuracy and high level of details.

Kids & crafting

Bring joy to the youngest family members with fun yet educational collections with a unique combination of stories and play and discover our crafts products specifically designed to build your confidence and skills to explore your own creativity.

Engaging narratives

All our collectibles and scale models come with a magazine packed with extensive articles,  behind the scenes material, little-known information and rare images that will make you a master of the universe you love.

Our heritage

As the brand of choice, our expertise goes back decades and we’ve earned people’s trust around the world.

1901De Agostini Company is born in Italy

The first cartographers and editors create maps and documentation that travel the world.

De Agostini Company is born in Italy
1959Partworks era begins

First encyclopedia sold in bite-sized format in 312 magazines of 32 pages each.

Partworks era Begins First
1996 - 2000Partworks Spreads

The partworks model spreads across hundreds of publications in dozens of markets.

Partworks spreads
2000 - TodayPhysical collectibles & scale models are introduced

A broad range of innovative products to inspire everyone to explore by collecting, building, learning and playing.

Physical collectibles & scale models are introduced

Your passions are our passion

We are your discovery partner with a team of experts around the world committed to create timeless collections and unique scale models to express your passions in new ways. They’ve earned trust around the world by making people’s dreams real.