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Build the 1:144 scale replica of the original series prop
Thunderbird 2 | 1:144 Scale
Thunderbird 2 | 1:144 Scale

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Descrizione prodotto

Your Thunderbird 2 Rescue Collection is based around a 1:144-scale model of International Rescue’s famous heavy freighter, accompanied by 20 supporting rescue vehicles and other favourites from the show. Faithfully reproduced from original props used by the Thunderbirds team in the 1960s, your Thunderbird 2 measures an impressive 540mm in length, and comes complete with remote-control lighting and sound effects, and telescopic landing legs. Furthermore, your model features mechanical pop loading: at your command by remote control, Thunderbird 2 will raise or lower its fuselage using its telescopic legs, recreating the famous pod loading and unloading scenes. The rear boosters at the back are made with speakers and LEDs to recreate the exhilarating roar of Thunderbird 2’s take-off, and are operated by remote control.