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Your subscription continues until you cancel it or the full product is delivered.
You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us in any of the ways shown Please note that 28 days notice is required to allow for a dispatch charge that is already in progress for a cancellation to take effect.
If you have not received an order confirmation, your subscription has probably not gone through. To avoid duplicate subscriptions, it is best to contact us if you are unsure.
If you have subscribed via our website you receive an email confirmation when you place your order. If you have subscribed via an order form or by post, you will then receive a welcome pack within 14 working days. This pack contains further information about your subscription including your account number which you will need to keep handy when contacting customer services so that they can deal with your query speedily. Click here for Customer Services
Your subscription is valid until you give us 28 days notice to cancel it; you do not need to renew your subscription to continue to receive your selections.
You will need to click on the Login to NEW ACCOUNT link on the upper right of Bissett Magazine Service. You will then need to click here to create a new account and follow the prompts. Please note, if you have an existing subscription you will be able to link the subscription to your new account when signing up.
If you have any issues please click here
• Change your delivery details • Change your payment method • Make a payment • Look at your transaction history • Look at your dispatch details • Link existing subscriptions • Manage your current subscriptions. If you have any issues please click here
Your subscription continues until you cancel it or the full product is delivered.
If you are a current subscriber you can go to Bissett Magazine Service Bissett Magazine SERVICES. Alternatively, you can telephone our Customer Service team on (03) 9872 4000 or Please note, if you are a Newsagent Customer you need to contact your Newsagent for back issues.
Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of back issues. If they have not arrived by that time, please contact our Customer Service team Alternatively, you can telephone our Customer Service team on (03) 9872 4000 or :
Yes! When you subscribe, your issues are reserved for you so you will not miss a single edition.
You will need to start your subscription from the current issue in the series and then place a backorder for the earlier issues. You can contact us by email, phone, fax or letter to place your order. If you are contacting us by email, fax or letter to order, please make sure you include your full name, address, the name of the magazine you are subscribing to, your subscription number (if you know it) and the issues that you wish to order. You will need to pay upfront for these earlier issues and these will be sent to you separately to your normal dispatches and do not count as dispatches for your free gifts. If you need to order a large number of issues for your collection, you do not have to order all of the earlier issues at once. You can order these in smaller batches. To pay for your back issues, we can accept payment either by cheque, money order or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only). If you are paying for your subscription by Direct Debit from your bank account, you can pay for your back issues using this method, however we do require written authorization with your signature.
Please click here Telephone Within Australia: 03 9872 4000 Fax Within Australia: 03 9873 4988 POSTAL ADDRESS :PO Box 3460, NUNAWADING VIC 3131 email:
Please click here if you have any further queries