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About us

Our Company
De Agostini Deutschland GmbH is the leading partwork publisher in Germany. In addition to the German market, the company publishes its titles in Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and the Benelux countries.
De Agostini Deutschland GmbH is part of the international De Agostini group of companies with its head office in Milan. The parent company was founded in Italy in 1901.

De Agostini Publishing
De Agostini Publishing is one of the world’s largest illustrated publishers, with a broad presence in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and total sales of 500 million euro annually. De Agostini publications are distributed into 46 global markets in 21 major world languages.
De Agostini Publishing is the world leader in the continuity and collections market, with publishing products ranging from hobby courses to soft-educational publications for children and adults, from physical collections to general reference with a high level of digital content, and from flow packs and trading cards to innovative and unique content for the latest digital devices.

De Agostini Group
De Agostini S.p.A, founded in 1901, is a family-owned private group based in Novara, Northern Italy. De Agostini is active in 66 countries worldwide and in four business areas: Publishing, Games & Services, Media and Finance.

Our Products
De Agostini partworks came into being in 1959, when the publishing house decided to print the first copies of a geographical encyclopaedia, Il Milione, as a partwork, to be sold at newsstands on a weekly basis. This innovative idea flung open the doors to a hitherto unexplored market in Italy - that of collectable products. It was an immediate success. From that time onwards, this area of activity has continued to grow and develop, meeting consumer demands and anticipating needs.
Partworks are magazine series on a specific topic, which build up gradually to a comprehensive body of work. The magazines are complemented by content-based offerings such as DVDs, collectibles or part of a kit.
Since the publication of the first partworks, De Agostini has expanded and updated its product range constantly. Besides the classic partworks now digital products like APPs are included in the program. The topics and areas of our products are diverse: drawing and painting, collections to culture, history and geography, and language and computer classes, music and movie collections, collections for children, families and young people, and collections for a variety of hobbies, such as cooking or modelling.